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Free, online solitaire otherwise known as a patience games or Klondike. Works great with all browsers including WebTV and Worldgate. Featured games also include slots, video poker and blackjack.

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Rules of solitaire:

It is beneficial to look at the layout of the cards before you read the rules.

The purpose of solitaire is to get all cards in the upper right hand corner of the screen in 4 stacks. The 4 stacks must be of the same suite and in order. The first stack for example could start with the ace of spades, 2 of spades, 3 of spades and so on in sequence until the king of spades is placed on the top.

At the beginning of the game there are 7 columns of cards with 1 card turned up the end of each stack. There are basically 2 requirements to move the cards.

Cards must be put in sequence. ex: a 3 of clubs can be placed on a 4 of hearts

Cards colors must alternate. Black cards can only be placed on red cards. Red cards can only be placed on black cards. For example, a heart can only be placed on a club or a spade. A club can only be placed on a heart or a diamond.

When a blank column opens you can only put a king on it or a stack of cards beginning with a king.

You can move stacks of cards. For instance if you have 7 of clubs ,6 of diamonds ,5 of spades and 4 of hearts you can move the entire stack on to an 8 of diamonds.

The cards get dealt 3 at a time and only the last card is put in play. To deal the cards, just click on the upper left hand card to deal. It says it on the card.

Thats about it for the rules. This probably isn't the best explanation, but it will get you going. If anyone knows of a better one, then email me and I will enhance what I have or replace it.

As always, if you have any suggestions with the rules or the game itself then please let me know.


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